Wooden wine and olive oil boxes

In the context of our logistics services, we are also providers of wooden wine and olive oil boxes. Greece, is a beautiful country, with wine and olive oil as important goods, exported through the world. We provide package and luxury containers for these products, according to international standards for disinfestation.

Wine boxes

We offer different sizes for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, bottles or any dimension and type the customer wishes under specifications. There is also the possibility of pyrography and laserprint for your logo, use of bottle guillotine and a variety of materials to protect against fragility.

Olive oil containers

We offer different sizes for 5 to 17 lt olive oil, with or without disinfestation. Hinge, handle and sliding opening also available upon request. Light OSB, plywood and pallet collars are some of the available container variations for these boxes.

Luxury containers

Perfect for a gift, our wooden boxes for wine and olive oil are available in any dimension and with stylish and robust bonding. Disinfestated, they can be used to offer wine and olive oil presents to loved ones.

Wooden boxes pricelist

The dimensions and prices of oil and wine boxes are as below:

Product Dimensions Cost
Wooden box 5lt

16 x 13 x 35
Wooden box 17lt

25 x 25 x 37

Above charges:

  • Do not include V.A.T. 24% and shipping costs.
  • Concern product pickup from our store.

Wooden wine and olive oil boxes