Geography of services
Since 2009, year of Egnatia Odos (A2 Motorway) completed, Northern Greece owns the largest connection channel from Adriatic Sea to Turkey which is also a part of international European route E 90. Thessaloniki, being in the center of the A2, has a very eclectic position for road cargo.

Road transports
Starting November 2018 we can offer you our services as official recognized by the Greek State, Road Hauliers, owners of the relative permission. We can serve you using our National & International Commercial Use Truck, Opel Movano 3,5tn with payload of 7,2 cbm and 1400kg for simple load on all Egnatia Odos axis from Alexandroupoli to Igoumenitsa as well as to international speditions to European exhibitions.

Onitas Hellas holds special agreements with road hauliers from/to all european destinations. We offer full load (Full TruckLoad - FTL) and groupage (Less Than Truckload - LTL) services depending on the request.

Fine arts and modern byzantine icons transports
Our company is a supporter of arts, and this concern is expressed in the way we handle goods of art. Thessaloniki has been Cultural Capital of Europe in 1997, when we first offered these services with success. Our staff specializes in packing, unpacking, delivering and collecting with care all kind of fine arts but also constructions and equipment for musical events.

We also undertake the formalities concerning the export of modern byzantine arts abroad in cooperation with the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

With Onitas Hellas you can be sure for delivering and collecting of your goods from Thessaloniki galleries and museums.

Insurance of international commercial haulage
All shipments are covered under CMR insurance liability, but if requested our company can supply further insurance.

Custom Clearance
Export and import custom clearance as well as advices on tariff and additional charges can be supplied upon customer request.
International transport
road cargo services
Cooperation with HTG Kayalar International Transport

Since August 2015, Onitas Hellas started a strategic cooperation in the sector of road cargo, for full and groupage trucks with turkish international transport company HTG Kayalar International Transport.

Through HTG, Onitas Hellas, offers competitive rates for road transport to big and small scale industries who cooperate with vendors from Istanbul, Izmir as well as other important commerce centers in Turkey. Also it can support vice-versa greek exports to neighbour country without difficulty.
International Transport.

Own trucks

HTG Kayalar International Transport  has a private fleet of road trucks and Onitas Hellas has the exclusive handling of loads in Northern Greece. Our target is the direct and faster service of the client, the greek big and small scale industry, with the most competitive rates of the market.

Dynamic entrance to greek market

Last 5-months of 2015, when our cooperation started, we served cargoes of more than 400 tonnes. Our client list includes more than 30 industries whose vendors trust our cooperation through their loads. All of the above we managed to do it in a very difficult moment for the country, during capital controls and other economic difficulties. Trust us, and you will not lose.